In reply

Weep your kindled sorrow
For it passed today and not tomorrow
Stray away as is love’s lawful arrow
In merriment,gaiety and loss of wit it most sail
Reaching limits,to no excess no clamour and no parry it rends your heart

Windows winded they shut
Drapes a flutter no more
Entwined this pitter patter with patterns of speculation once walked in previous footsteps
Heavier,louder the thunderous tempest excells at claiming these thoughts anew
Severing distraction
Carried throughout awaited salvation
It flourishes
Doubtful only do these feet fear land

Forget,as allowed,the busy lark of no song
akin to the play on causes
a game of blame haunting losses
sheer soul revered
held in measure,surrendered
seperating invisible from distinction
these remnants grow detached and thus fonder
I beseech niether farewell nor welcome reach me
entrailing a sombre light
I surpass this plea of free and surmise this we to disagree

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