As our dear young man sat enjoying his coffee and drag on the heaviest type of cigarettes he could find his mind gaily wondered. you see, for a monumental occurring has been bestowed upon him in his naive youth and that occurring is as insignificant to others as it is significant to him. Another affair has ended.
He sat digging his back deep into the armchair. Mind already foggy with the amount of coffee and mist dancing before him as it pained his eyes now and again enforcing the subconscious reaction of blowing every minute.
As he sat thus for hours on end he was overwhelmed by  dejection at his own selfishness in seeing all that she’s done wrong and attempted to look within himself. “Compare and contrast” he thought.
I’ve never initiated a love nor have I made the hard decisions. Why is that?. Am I a coward?. Am I so inclined to please?. Wouldn’t that mean that I am not selfish. But how may I possibly be happy one day if I negate my own desires and whims. It might be the cause of wanting to be accepted. Freud would definitely shrug it off as my self wanting to please my father as a child and so that characteristic flaw has now continued into adulthood. Well, all great men have such a flaw. Look at Nietzsche, he was always in rebellion against his family and that gave us ” god is dead”.
He smiled at this thought and at the audacity he had to compare himself ,a spoilt young man with little to be depressed with, to a world renown philosopher such as Nietzsche.
He then caught the words blaring through his headphones ” it’s in you” and was again immersed in woe at his predicament. He sat up, and looked around him now. In the corner was a bald man talking into his phone while watching the tv with one foot up on his chair and his fingers making shapes about his knee. His lack of etiquite disgusted our young man and so he  looked out the window. Cars were speeding past , people walking to and fro and the occasional car stopped outside for it’s occupants to enter the grocery store next door. It was all dissatisfying to him and interested him little for he knew not what he wanted.

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