A wish upon leaf’s spiral fall
May winds carry it forevermore
For be it true; endure it must
Fairest autumn of romantic call

Seasons end to worldly song
Of single tone and heavenly love
A tune inspired to inspire all
On paths forlorn and gifts forgot
To reap riches sown from dreams a live
Reminding thee of value sweet

Remember kind your earthly woes
For be it dread or be it dead
It is thy memory and in it said
Of love’s misery I’m dutifully fed
For be it autumn leaves or winter breeze
My baby will never come back to me
Temporary, was in happiness it’s joyful call
And in it’s song I heard her sigh
Of wishes carried on winds forewarned
For love will end and in it love is found

Oh ye dweller in Love’s bitter song
Sung unto you is it’s sweet lulling care
To shade thee from ever beseeching long
Of presence forever forlorn
And In it’s absence may it comfort thee

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