a mixture of well anointed words and phrases slipping off this monotonous tongue to shaking hands and heavy beating chest when it ends
as I have many a time before
stood here,
in front of you
performing a form of inarticulate reasoning only I can possibly see whole and of course holy
I stand here yet again awaiting a fall from all that has befallen me
for it is all that was and will be understood
and all the rest
I dismiss
with disinterest
a notion of pity
a petty reflection
of insides norished by bitterness
forevever exasperating my inner mind of a so called peace
for every moment
is a missed confusion
a doubtless abnormality
a perspective ill fitting of said consequence
a celebrated doubt
an assured deduction
I will challenge
and fail to grasp at it’s hinges as though to tighten my unseen imagination’s shakles to a prison cell devoid of senses
but no
it chatters
*teeth biting noise*
chatters out of emptiness
or due to emptiness it chatters
or it might possibly maybe chatter out of a dormant creativity yet to be discovered
as rare as smiles are seldom on  hunger stricken cheeks and eyes wide shut to optimistic aspects of a world foregoing defeat, I smile
I smile unto this thought of a lost cause
causing little if not contemptible apathy
with such contagious tenacity it bows as curtains escape there binding ropes to reveal a curtain call come to meet at middles
while audiences inaudible
* aaudienceclap*
cheer and call with voices fitting of an impression made through interest of misunderstood nature
*audience clap again, hopefully*

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