tis’ the ingeniously created assembly line
assembling minds from its half truths and oh so tender lies
escaping truth as it kicks and huffs and puffs doors down
doors you once thought would one day be realities
hope my dear friends is capped in fallacy
allowing your minds eye to see what only imagination would conjour
magicians waving there weaves dangling thier strings
concentration and focus, tokens of gifts sensing control
control? control you say?
if i may yes control , that feeling of reassurance built by bricks bemused by there names
and along came a wall consisting of bricks once named coincidence, timing, plans, luck (if you would hope), and the oh so elegantly put ‘THE SKY IS THE LIMIT’
but what if limits were the closely held snippets urgently tempting you as with a hand of sorcery it edges onto you
further and further across a table made of silk they slide towards your forever grasping hand feeding you reason
I dare you to understand me wrong while wishing you misunderstood this venting song while I claim what I claim to confuse you
once a promise upon peaks shunning time
A bed ladden by actions sown from all you sow reaping ignorant seen from nothing you saw but rather glimpsed

At first glance these words are mere incoherent expression
all the same I decide to share it
caring little, if at all

expressing over due repressed excess
held dear, wrapped in denial, silenced
expressions scarcely can be seen through the holes expressed in subconscious actions fleeing the wrappings showing battered and bruised conscious fragility
as you think and think and think and ponder the delicate gusts of wind nudging and pushing
to and fro
desires and necessities
separating needs and wants
feeding inner inability as it taunts and pulls taut disappointing the synonymous FOOL claiming indifference
differentianting dreamers as run and run they ran escaping and letting go. only to carry the weight all the same

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