To mar

Sweetest gift
To your honour upon my own
A promise as sweet as lingering perfume
I declare an honest disposition to your beauty
So as beauty may admit no discourse to love
And be it a confession of breath inspired to better commerce
Of vice slain and sins forgotten
Shall I relish it and believe in virtue
So as to translate kindness from you

oh be me of worth and keen eye
remorseless love a gift to me
to stand a prayer long and late
bestowed upon diadems feet
I kneel to mastery beyond my prowess
begging the start of beginning
of wistful winds and worry not
a selfish inclination of unashamed treachery
attempting to besmirch the innocent at heart
the darling dear of boundless flower
as I pluck surrounding gardens cueing notice of me and I
but what be me?
am I not of damndest soul and wretched body
to fare the world of wrinkled wisdom lost, disembodied
wishing of vengeance pure and judgment prolonged
for this kindless heart and solemn soul
diminished to the packing of words
as that of mind to memory

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