Too seek

the seeker saw a passing light

that shown the seeking path

To trod the trail escaping dark

The seer most follow wayward way


he tempted feet over heath

foot to follow unwilling foot

With first step he leapt shocked to joy

2nd step ,determined, foot followed show


the path seemingly clear but wearer still

For forks approached unknowing fool

Skip to step he journeyed on

Little knew he what was to come


time grew

some say passed

but most

little knew


brave seeker soon forgot

Grew weaker to what he sought

Trodden sands and forgotten lands

He wished upon wrought


to forget all taught

Let all but little rot

Free those I caught

Forgive foes fought

Allow me remember not


poor seeker once brave

Paved sorrow along narrowing road

Feet accustomed now

complained how

Decided to sit and wait


patience founded reason where action found non

Let’s wait and see

said his heart

have won


he pondered and thought

our wandering wondering seeker

Of an end , if an end, was to be got


maybe lefts the way

maybe right

maybe I know little

but oh look what a sight


twinkling stars gave frame

to moon’s unyielding game

to share the skys

and attract all eyes

but dance and play all the same


let’s ly and think why

Thought seeker again

Breathing sighs

and praying goodbyes


soon weightless lids grew too heavy

And dreamt he of dreams plenty

to weary and grow bleary no more


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