Winter tales

I wish to unburden
As I sit, uncertain
Remarks reserved
For these brightened skies
And darkened guise
where dreams of lassitude are yours to gain
we promise to go to placid bay
and endure, passive, your every shame

sombre lights tickling sober rights
Wretched wenches infesting societies sights

eyes accustomed to perceptions
Inevitably comfortable with misdirection
By doubtful arrays of conviction
Awakening contradicting fiction

found in the dead cries of words
Transcript in death’s show of verse
The bereft’s guidance
The romantic’s saving of essence
change’s beseeching of adolescence

drooping shoulders of indecision
licking flames of sin
haggard as I walked conquered
in the chilling dismal recesses of mind

Excuse this interlude meant to sooth
Joint at gentle pressures
Demanding and withdrawing
whilst providing ample pleasure

mistakening shivers for sincerity
As eyes wintered all clarity
Reducing polished speech
To remembered absurdity

Exhumed are my wells of woe
Executed were there dreams of hope
Exorcised ; my demons dreaming
Exercised ; i’m dreaming freedom
exemplary, my attempts feeble
Excited about evil’s gleeful

as they place compassion aside
Blurring lines their slurring snides

a mere tenant of solicited hearts
Entire solace found worth apart

burning banality
Through Profound performances of posterity
To grow Unseemly and rotund
Repeating shows
Drawn under lines of last entries

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