-Never revoke with hostility an opinion that differs from your own due to emotional pretense.

-What “they” taught you as a child is supposed to be your base that you go back to later in life.

-Know what to expect before expecting nothing becomes ‘I didn’t think’.

-Freedom , is what you do with what has been done to you.

-No matter how much you stubbornly believe your right;there’s a possibility your wrong.

-Sometimes all it takes is choosing to consider another’s point of view against your own for self growth.

-Misfortune sharpens the wits.To either be flung in an endless loss of agonising and intolerable confusion or simply purity.

-Only in the finality of hope will you find the unknown.

-Forgiving isn’t necessarily forgetting.

-There is no such thing as freedom. Everything has rules you must abide by. The question is ‘reluctance or acceptance”.

-Whoever it is saying anything, always take the good and apply it but be wary of the bad. (Religiously, culturally).

-Whatever point a person has reached in the public eye doesn’t mean they are exempt of fault.

-The real test, is being able to control your temptations.

-To us mortals , it’s how it looks like that matters and not what you meant.

-Go back to who you are as a person before society changed you and adapt your own ethics , code of conduct and behavioural principals. You do yours while they do theirs.

-Be self aware of the impressions your actions form on people. From misunderstandings to wrongful assertions.

-Never forget, ‘safe rather than sorry’. In all you say, do, and think for every unfortunate circumstance could be avoided.

-If everyone that preached virtue was only seen by what vice he has committed, there would be no righteousness in the world.

-The way you feel about something has nothing to do with whether it is true or false.

-Every action is a choice be it consciously or subconsciously.

-Never misinterpret denial of self as weakness for it is undoubtedly strength.

-Smile, for the world will not smile with you.

-Being unhappy is a luxury the poor can not afford.






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