to write of questions
embarking on a farewell voyage across horizons
edges unto which we are to fall
unbeknownst, of hard impenetrable floor to brake it
admit to me as I do to myself that of which you cherish and hold
hidden from even yourself by it’s incoherence to your thoughts
the impossibility of it unattractive
the seeming fiend flexes its confusion causing a tilt of head away
“to more logic”
condemning a term
now commending
clap clap clap
starry eyed, you stare upward
basking in the apparent light as the sun blinds you
such a fanciful caress
of carcass
and we know, you know
but now, what’s to do
why not do nothing
is it not the imaginable we seek
is it not the unsure we want
is it not that which confirms nothing and drowning in uncertainty we wish to clasp ourselves to and be pulled by it to bottoms of soul as it glitters with bleakness
beckoning us forward to our own destruction
come, for I offer you all
not a risk in sight
not a whim of realism to speak of
and in this state I keep you
to never know
that which fears you
I will give a brother

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