To Suffer Me

– you can choose to be happy.
: but will it choose me?
– depends on your merits
: am I eligible though?
– I would like to think so
: what if I don’t choose it?
– it cancels you off
: wouldn’t that be rather selfish of it
– think of it like a woman
: then is it logical?
– at times it could be inhumanly callous
: it isn’t much of a choice then
– Much like an ongoing lost game
: may I resign?
– don’t speak such blasphemy!
: but is there shame in ” why ”
– at times I found there to be no answer either
: is it hopeless then?
– it is kind. it is unforgiving. It is patient. It is boastful.
: mirror mirror on the wall
– the fairest would surely suffer them all

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