Entreat earnestly your fateful hypocrisy as the puppeteer dislocates
Mimicking lives  as you mime disinterest to your senses

Entrusting windy marrows as marooned you are in dimming sunset
To invoke a shiver
Come hither
As it assists in withering wisdom and discontent

Deeming unnecessary your weary mind and worrisome conscious to a world inspired by entropy and the damnation of deliverance

Obscure sorrows enriching reach’s end to the melancholy
As should it be, it is thus
Exempting self of bountiful dream and expectancy

In Hypocrisy’s superseding of practice are dreams slain and wishes forgotten
And there is thy innocence as there is thy essence

Silence caresses the bent backs of lives lived to inspire peaceful commerce hindered by bitterness

Forever spreading lips luscious with publicised hypocrisy of it’s red and love on to cheeks do they rest pale

Blemished is he who believes his deed unblemished. To persist relentless casting shadow upon the chaste.

Martyrdom’s price be love as only lost does it exist. redeeming life of sainthood and ending quest to endure

A hum to thy hearts drum
A lonely lullaby lulling you come

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